When the Kids Believe in Santa

When the kids believe in Santa but are aware of the disturbing rumors being spit in the wind, it should have only been natural to realize how violent Christmas Eve could be. They began the day jubilant and very helpful, cleaning their room, dressing the tree, helping to sweep and mop the house so that even the floor was pristine. They were so good. 

The father had to run last minute errands which took a few hours until the evening. He arrived home to make their dinner and get them early into bed. During the meal, one child began to question the father while the other, having found the good Christmas wrap, started wrapping utensils in the kitchen. The father couldn’t keep his story straight while fretting at the loss of expensive Christmas paper, ribbon and cinnamon sticks which he used to scent the tags. 

Those children did believe. They believed in Santa so much that they justified in their minds how to prove him true. With a tender voice, the older child said to the father, “Dadda, have you ever dreamed and suddenly woke just to realize the things in your dreams were able to pass into this life? Have you ever believed in something so much that it became real in this life? I have.”

With that, the kids beat the dad with a baseball bat and golf club as a sacrifice to incapacitate him from giving into the fraud of lesser, lying parents, the ones who claimed credit over stiff drinks, boasting how dumb children can be. He was beat into a pool of blood in the dining room. His raw body was limp. The children washed up. They snuggled into their blankets on the couch in front of the tree. They set out some gingerbread and eggnog. They could hardly contain their grins as they awaited Santa Claus.

This happened every Christmas Eve for six years. The kids always fell asleep and the father was able to make the dream become real for the kids in the nick of time before sunrise. With a groan, he pocketed the wipes he used to clean his footprints from the floor. He laid himself to rest in the scabbing blood to await their thrilled gasps of delight.


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