This is slow, F-G-A-Eflat-F-D-F-Eflat, unfurled as a looped sequence of carrying you to bed, sometimes dragging’ sometimes rolling your limp sleepy body. The house we live in was designed with this idea that I would walk you in my arms having the space to walk as much and far as I needed. The contractor said, you have to be lazy when you draw your home, and I agree for the most part but the walk to carry you to bed, I knew had to take time.
Over and over I carried you to bed. I pulled you when you got heavy, swaddled, I pull you down the long hall designed to take this walk. When you would pretend to be asleep I rolled you all the way and in time, when you feel you don’t need to be carried or walked while holding hands, I might be way over on the other side of the house wondering why I drew that walk to be so far away and the music will run in my head playing back all those times I took you to bed.

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