An Apartment Room for Rent

An apartment room for rent. Long sheets of newspaper pages rest in the grip of a man walking his dog in a park central to the people in a sprawled city. Sections are shoved beneath his arm as he intuitively steers the leash while reading of square footage and utilities. The dog is up to nonsense. The man talks to the dog about what a nice place he may take a look at but by the way it says, “No Pets Allowed.”

He drops his eyes to the dog. His beautiful dumb dog is playful, hunting, waiting to be unleashed for play. “I’ll let you run loose now girl.”

The room for rent is in an upscale neighborhood and people say hello to the man as he removes his hat to take a look at this steal of a deal. He takes his time viewing the rooms while having delightful conversation with one of the mates. “Oh, this view!” He sees the mountain sitting in the center of the city. He places a half wrapped fist to his lip and steadies himself to the window frame. The walls are dirty.

“May I wash my face? I’ve just been overcome by this view.” He rushes to the restroom. Hair lays in the drain grates. Liquor bottles litter the corners of rooms and instead of all the nice salutations passing in the halls, words became foul and petty as the voices from other rooms filtered through the vents, through the floorboards, beneath the doors and above the ceiling.

The mountain in the center of city was green from rains. The man hiked up toward the mammoth outcrop where he had unleashed the dog. He listened for the faintest yelp. Her voice calling to play. Her little cries which sounded as pleas for love. He called to her. He called again and again. The bitch was gone.


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