I am America. I vote an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work. Liberty and freedom ring. Free to worship. No taxation without representation. That is, a stamp tax on a tea tax on a coercive tax will be met by revolt! That revolt paid by taxes ten times the imperial tax but never-the-less. Freedom. Except that property and women do not vote but a negroe will be three fifths a man enslaved by corporate rule. Freedom. Except that the natives must first be exterminated. Freedom to each citizen American. Slave economy is a tongue twister in the pulpit but never-the-less. The negroes get their due in America. It came about by a Civil War paid by a new tax on income. The slave states did their best just like the Texans when they fought to keep their slaves but those Confederate States of America could not match the volume of bodies America had. So I am America. Strung up negroes, Sacagawea and taxes. Freedom and liberty ring forth. I even hear homos got their due. Mexican rapists beware!

I am America lesser known. The Barbary muslims were paid off early on and shipping lanes were secured by Majorca. The Mississippi was in Napolean’s plans but our hero Jefferson made plans for expansion, central power and freedom to act with force. Toussaint was a pawn in the eyes of Americans to complicate the granaries of sweet sugar and coffee. Those Haitian negroes were manipulated from then on out, even invaded by American troops to heist cash when the puppets did not comply. Later, the philosophical president Wilson would teach that black republic a lesson about the meaning of democracy and order, using marines to gain control of Haitian foreign and financial affairs. Tragic what Toussaint began. Our hero Jefferson planned an assault on Mississippian land while Napolean fretted about his colonies and the Brits. It was such sublime pressure which had no constitutional validation but did get New Orleans. It really pissed off Fisher Ames.

I am America materialized from thin air like the spirit above the water or the spirit’s fetish to give gods from virgin girls. I am whisps of Wilson’s breath. I am the big stick. I am the black hills with a foot on the Sioux and a hand in the pot of gold. I am not a figment of truth but rather manifest design!

I am America on microfiche. In one moment the industrialized looked to quell misaligned trade. The open door set the stage for the combatants of a very long war. The revenue stream that was Mississippi became the dots of islands paving the way to China. The small house of Europeans were rowdy and the Japanese monitored the sea at their step. Now the great landmass of America could undersell the rest, coming on strong like an aloha shirt. The Boxers fought back and the carving knives sliced and diced. Two pandas travelled to America and a planned resort was underway if the Americans could clear the jungles. Former aces now land commercial flights at Ho Chi Minh.


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