A Bird Design

A bird design began with stroking black ink on a sheet of paper torn from a spiral notepad. The first strokes were semicircular, bunching and branching from imaginary anatomical landmarks; those being the head, torso and tail. One bird became many, as a flock or murder. Beaks define the designs as that of birds. The swooping shapes depict birds in flight. In time as the ink travels pages, the plumage becomes dislocated, molted from the birds. Some plumage become shapeless. Some plumage become more basic in planes of common shapes. Page after page is torn from the spiral, curling the ripped edged of the torn sheets, piling into a light weight mass. One bird is made of a spiral pastry and chewed gum. Ink lines are futile designing birds. The designer continues, hoping for a strong gust to blow the house over.


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