Forty Thousand Years Ago

Forty thousand years ago, the gods visited the earth….

Eighty thousand years ago bushy hair became the style. Sex and drugs were all the rage. An era of running and diet made herds anxious when men were near. So the men absorbed the smell of the earth to hide and hunt. In their spare time they painted and sculpted until forty thousand years ago.
One hundred twenty thousand years ago, the ink war poisoned the ballonist union. The balloonist fought amongst themselves in dark wells where they dug fuel. One balloonist went home early with an ache in his stomach and possibly heart. His wife brought groceries in to find him so distraught as to be suicidal. She wished he would do it as the bags fell to the table. She had no other burden and no children due to planned reasoning. This is how the human race dwindled in numbers until eighty thousand years ago.
One hundred sixty thousand years ago, the paper chief rules made clear the illegalities of the matryoshka spacejet clan. Concrete busters rode west to demolish the cities of the banks. The money was shredded and the concrete was pulverized to fine dust. The paper chief was burned by a new brand of liberal who burned all the books with rules. There, the human race was stranded until one hundred twenty thousand years ago.

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