Not So Random Vocabulary Words

Not so random vocabulary words. This walk to find parts goes behind the American town, to the dump field. The parts are for racing something with wheels, a steerer and a seat for a driver. Julie is the blonde, comparable to the kissable girl on the movie poster hanging on the wall of the upstairs neighbor’s room. He is an artist who can draw and color. He takes the gang of us on this route behind the German houses, through the forest, past the bombed out castle to gather and build for days and days of summer. The culmination of which is race day, a day when most plans disintegrate on the downhill track with wind in the face, in scrapes and bruises. 

To tell a small lie, Julie smoked cigarettes listening to Hindemith at forty-six teaching arithmetic to slow witted kids and the artist only scratched out metal band designs to thumbtack on his wall; but the poster, that was perfect and real.


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