Her Name…

Her name, Alligator Claw. She invented the broom stick in a forest think tank. Her brain met mathematics in suggestive positions beneath the covers on the bed Shen made out of brush. Shen blew off magnetic dust, imitating the shapes it makes in poses something like that of yoga. This is before color. Color was discovered in oil one night as Alligator clawed the back of Shen. Her thigh bruises became blue. The night sky, the darkest shade of blue. She made her observations clear to Shen as he eventually saw in the sheen of the oil she spread over her body, the reflected colors of scars on his body. Each moved slower after that, relying more frequently on the things they could see. Shen would arrive home to go to bed to think of red, orange and so many other things. Alligator Claw worked out equations while she swept the floors wearing nothing but oil on her skin, already on to new inventions like combinations of color with sound with a boy she named Turtle Neck, who by traveling at great speeds seemed younger than he was, talking throughout the night of time and space while she and Shen made oil prints in bed.

Her name, Five and a Half By Eleven. Number stacker by trade, she got wild ass crazy for approximately eight hours each day. She pals around with fuelers being the chief matchmaker in the group. Her holiday cards piled up equal to the height of punk tapes, some without cases, others dismantled and respliced numerous times. She built a chart when she was six and refers to it when desperately dumbing down her arguments. Five and a Half By Eleven filled her palm with man pills when a scandal erupted at the Fuelers Annual Holiday Frenzy, where beergut gentlemen brought tanks of different capacities wearing fake holiday beards. Her recent match complicated matters when it was found out one of the two was Fiver’s true secret love. Six gentlemen knocked on the widow to get her attention as she desperately tried to stabilize the stacks until the pills kicked in.


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