Sunlight Takes Eight Minutes

Sunlight takes eight minutes to reach the Earth. So, we see the sun eight minutes in its past and not at the angle in the sky of its actual position. If a rocket leaves Earth, at the speed of light toward the sun, the trip will take eight minutes. The sun will appear to speed up in its rotation, weather and position so that upon arrival, it is in a present state. So, the rocket arrives and looks back at the Earth, as it was eight minutes ago from the rocket’s perspective. Does the rocket see itself leave the Earth? And, if the rocket returns immediately to Earth, will it cross itself? Will the rocket conclude that it is only seeing information rather than a real thing since it had not originally passed itself on that first journey? Shall we consider that everything is information left over from events that have already happened long ago?

Light reflecting off Earth keeps pace with the rocket. So, when the rocket arrives at the sun and looks back at the Earth, the information with the launch happens simultaneously with the arrival. So the rocketeer must ask, at any point which an event begins, that information is simultaneous with the end of the event as well, maybe. But, if then, the rocket returns at the speed of light back to Earth, and does pass itself, and concludes information vestiges are all that are flying through space and that events are simultaneous, then what was all that business of falling in love and buying a home?

Standing in a room, how much space is between two people? That space can be infinitely fractioned. If light reflects off one and travels to the other, the other sees the one a fraction of time in the past. The very great distance to the sun is closer than infinite but the path of light in a room is quicker in its trip, it seems.

Standing toe to toe, eye to eye, each sees the other a fraction of time in the past. Slow waves of sound capture the moment and each is not where they seem. The end is simultaneous.


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