Amusement Park Rides

Amusement park rides glow shimmer and spin about, above the blowing sand. Stare at the stars and they will do the same in a dream. Taken for a beaten down sloven tramp, golden glitter female steals machined light carried on her bare skin, illuminating the dark flow. Granular bits wiz in patterns of emergence. They float along the ground and swirl in the air. Devils. The rides crank around at a dizzying rate and electric fields blast superheated bolts between the metal fence wire. The female leads space with her fingertips as if pushing the surface of water. Life in a belly. The passing amusement of the sparkling machines spin about in an usually vacant dirt paved parking lot. Light reflects off her skin like a life-size diorama viewed from the mountain in the middle of town, the illumination of Mexican mountains from theirs and American lamps. The sand grates every object in its wake, twisting in a lively mass. The rides crank around at a dizzying rate while the dry air sparks lightning from the metal fence. The river bends. God this is life.


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