The Ranch

This is on the river. The  people there recognize the arsonist and understand his motivation and they know he will head toward the ranch where Felicity strays. Sava hiked the grass and felt the rain brought a new flavor this trip. Felicity was one of those girls who should have been a one night thrill but still flayed the arsonist down to humility and consequently has become a source of purification. He is not alone as she has this effect. She is advanced and intimidating. At a distance Sava can see Felicity in just her skin in a cycle chant, singing loud. This could take a while but he has his games.

Inside, rain water trails into Sava’s mouth slightly acidic and salty. Felicity is coming in from her trance. Her Velvet Dingus was on display, blood stained and used. It sat in a box made of ebony stained walnut which hung on a wall lit from above. Her voice streams in as Sava comes out of wonderment.


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