Mother’s Day

The carousel at Republica was at a distance as a small group wandered through the arches, down the alley and into the parts where people don’t go. On the other continent, two guys walked around the block from the strip to look for whores to fuck. They urinated in the streets and against buildings. Back at Republica, not a person heard a girl because the boys trapped her mouth shut. In South Africa, a girl coming home from school is gang raped on mineral deposits. Back on the other continent, a family waits several hours, with a multitude of sons and daughters, to eat at a nice restaurant to celebrate their mother and all she has done. At a house down the street a guy cooks some bacon with eggs over flames stoked by cash and holy text, commercial degradation and a registry of rapists. The smell wakes the woman and the children. Goddesses of all things on paths toward progress.

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