This is well into the future and about the father as a failed beast but ultimately the hero sacrifice from his male point of view. He had daughters who could read well, so he wrote them long bits of prose of the things he believed they ought to know. Some being gibberish but well intended to be a guide of sorts. He wrote on what was available; electronics, scraps of paper both plain and lined, the old types with dashes and colored lines from their childhood schoolwork. He wrote on the walls of their home, behind furniture awaiting discovery. He left notes under the sinks and in tool boxes so that when structures failed they might understand the inevitability of such circumstances. The father taught them to not cry; just clean it up.

He had spent a life of fatherhood modeling the epitome of manliness and feared the next step in his lessons of a man. He believed the constitution of men to be fatigued and concluded that for his daughters to become powerful and reach their potential, he would have to be the element to fail.

This is the porno part because to model the scumbagginess of men, the father found a woman to associate with. They did things in a rented room for several hours. Afterward, the father collected his belongings and glanced at an unrecognizable man in the mirror. He carried his burden for all to witness. He kept the lady’s smell on him so his family would know his sacrifice and the weakness of men, his final lesson.


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