This Is The Reason The Kid Had For Going Outside

This is the reason the kid had for going outside; to collect strings, wire, metal, plastic and wood to make new music from. Just in case the collecting was a miss, he had his marbles with him, tied in a bag because he enjoyed the game. He was out about an hour, taking in the blue nitrogen sky when the sun reached an angle, disrupting his view. He shaded his eyes to see down nearby, there was another kid crying just a small fit in a field of yellow flowers like the poppies which grow at the base of the mountain, sitting in the dirt. This kid, cleaning her glasses clear of the condensing air, was a smart kid, quick wit, pulling at a game in the marble sack hanging from his belt. He was cool and fast. He gathered the strength to clear a circle of any life and stomped the ground to let it know and prepare it for the game. He told the crying kid, as a confident bullshitter, place this (a glittering ball) under your tongue. That will cure your crying some. The game was fast, the kid using geometry, snapping the balls clear, more random than calculating. At the end, the kid who had stopped crying reached at the ball she had pushed through her lips, by her tongue, and placed it inside the middle of the game. The boy kid took aim.
He didn’t collect music and he lost his balls but he strolled home with a new pair of glasses on, humming her name.

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