At The Backyard Kegger

Exceeding the reasonable limits of taking in cheap thrills, Chrysostom blackens her hand over citronella flames and holds desperately to a chain linked fence. Saliva invades her mouth from all around her tongue. She spits quickly to hold down the vomit. Boys jump there to mark their territory beyond the yard. Chrysostom pulls herself together briefly to send one bum to fetch another.

In the corner of this set apart back yard and now leaning to a chain linked fence, Chrysostom pulls a red gloss to her mouth and tongues her braces for chunks of leftovers or bitten cheek and lip. She grabs a beer from an infatuated jerk to freshen her breath. One bum scoots the kid aside to present the next sucker. This cool flat brain steps in closer to Chrysostom. He finds he is getting excited as her big eyes sparkle and her red lips mouth something insignificant to him. That kiss that happened became the stuff of legend for that kid.

Meanwhile, as Satchel began an exit from the more sophisticated lavatory inside; toilet flushed, fingers washed and dried, face wiped fresh and lights turned down, exiting casually, eyes sort of down, he is suddenly shoved back into the dark by a hot brown haired floozy quick to lock the door. There the scent and glow of store bought freshness creeps its way around the two. Others bang on the other side of the door. It was the beginning and the end and the names are almost lost.

A stranger at the table on the patio sat peacefully by his whoreslave. He drank and ate in good company. Some date raping belligerent jocks came by and stated with a homo lisp, “Who is this guy? Lets fuck him crazy”. The head of the table, a sweet gangly guy, piped in and pleaded, “Take the whoreslave and this underage virgin punani and fuck them silly but leave this dude alone!” Those jocks only wanted to get up in that guys ass. The stranger threw his whoreslave at the jocks and they proceeded to stick their dicks in everything she had, abusing the shit out of her because they, in the end, they’ll fuck ass or pussy. They don’t really give a shit.


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