The botanicals. There was rich fuel and the machinery worked exceptionally well. The water. There is never enough, even with the tanks at eighty percent capacity. Ventures go on longer than expected. The expedition killed at least three hundred native combatants.

The deaths glowed and the viscous flows were known to have anti-white. It had all been prepared for and appropriate precautions had been followed. bedKa was meticulous in such protocols.

bedKa woke with terrors during the long nights of tRifite. One terrifying image she saw was herself with child and a goldfinch. In another, she was again with child and her head was held by a long slender neck. The goldfinch was known to her because of the Gyellow Dwarf exhibition she saw as a young axIgion diver. That’s when she was taken to worlds of water and forests. At least, those are the pleasant parts she remembers, the goldfinch and a song.


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