Read Out Loud To Me, Please

“Read out loud to me, please.” This he requested because she would make him fall in love again as he had years before when she attended the community college with a dream to be an interpreter or librarian. He was used to using the old type of big headphones in those years and the music he enjoyed was distorted, kick drum double pedaled. He could catch every nuance of effect with his ears inside those black cans. With his high fidelity setup, he could drop channels out and know what was missing by watching the needles on the board pop in rhythm. He listened until his ears were fatigued and over time a ringing developed.

She held out an old library book which never got returned and moved a little bit of her long grey hair from being in the way of sight. She sat where he could see her in front of him. Her hair was long because he had asked her for years to leave it that way. He was trying to hold on to those younger years. Coming closer to dying now in their old age, some days just slipped out of memory but he knew that if he saw her, he would only have to ask, “Read out loud to me, please.” She would and though he could hardly hear, he could watch her and fall in love with her.


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