Did You See What Lilly Wore?

Three friends and a fourth walked together from school each afternoon, slowly petering in number from what had been a multitude, usually discussing the attributes of high school girls. They met up at the steps spreading light hearted grief back and forth after the last bell of the day. Two were best friends while one was a childhood friend. The last lived along the way and liked to be with them in case they decided to stop and play hoops or divert to the strip mall before going all the way home. The girls they talked about where very pretty, still developing. They had known of most of them for years. Some of the girls had reputations from middle school. Some where new to school. Most of what the four discussed was a little unfair, seeing as none of the them where at the top of the high school social order. Some kids were really having sex. These four guys passed their former elementary school on their way home and for the briefest of moments, played hoops on the blacktop.


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