King Dick Lucca

King Dick Lucca knew he was odd from the time of second grade due to the kids telling him so because of his odd name. He played games just the same as the others and struggled at reading aloud too. He knew enough to gaze out the windows of his second grade class when the kids began to read the dumb simple stories at a monotonous mumbling pace. When his chair was kicked by the greasy lensed halfbreed kid who breathed heavily behind him, he rambled off three lines or so then looked back out through the windows. Years later, in middle school, he noticed his classes no longer had windows. He stared at the shapes of dimples in the cinder block wall, at the scattering like the stars. He found beauty staring at nothing.

King had an appetite. His appetite craved the worst of food and women. Dick spent a couple post graduate years working as an engineer for a security device company on the south side of the American border. He sat in a small room most of the day at a bulky computer figuring and problem solving. Outside his door was the factory which was tended to by every variety of brown to fair skinned woman. Some were nice enough to feed him. Others gawked at the strange round man alone in his pen. On an evening before the winter holiday one year, Dick was watching one particular girl as he fiddled with some circuit boards out on the factory floor. He wished she would make a little time for him. He loved to hear her talk when he happened to be close enough and that had been enough for him to feel a part of her, as if he mattered to her. But, now he wanted more. King Dick decided he would make his move at the dinner break. He gathered the healthiest dish from the worker’s kitchen, soup with a nice baked bread warm from the oven, and carried his tray holding his chin in a confident posture. At her table, he spoke in perfect spanish the best of his intentions and felt he was his best gentlemanly self. She smiled her deepest grin and glanced at her friends to be sure this was real. But as Dick really knew deep in his own, nobody ever really fell in love. He stayed quiet and disappeared into the wall.


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