Decay and Particle Dispersion

“I’m an ass…if I had known.” Apologetic, he back stepped out the doorway with a lump in his heart and throat. The night air had passed in and out that door uncountable times. He was just another night to her now. Unforgivable. In the distance was certainly a monster to chase this mediocre man down, to gouge him. He would crawl through the dirt fearing life and death. She slipped the locking mechanism with a flip of her thumb on the silver handle and pushed the door shut weather tight. She made sure that the whole system was in check, secured, leaving him for dead.

He walked down the road checking his pockets to be sure he had not left anything behind. He imagined the incremental ways he may have been able to alter his lot while listening for monsters who could be trailing him, hiding in shadows, hunting him. The sensation and smell of her was on him but was continually interrupted by fears of fangs and blood. Cars went speeding by and his thoughts turned to chasing some down. He hummed songs to block out the sounds in the dark.

A strange quiet man who carried a gun and a few knives was driving along this road in a pick-up truck thinking of a boy. The boy was his child but he had not seen him since before the summer. This verging man was problematic for the mediocre man who said the wrong things to the complicated woman who at this time was sitting on her bed watching the shows on tv or reading a book. The truck veered into the man and scrambled his bones piercing his heart and throat. The truck trailed off into the distance, his rear red lights disappearing little by little into the dark. The hum of his tires become fainter  just as his ability to be with his boy.

Decay and particle dispersion carried in the air for years counting on years while doors opened and closed by the woman ventilated her room of all the shows, books and mediocre men. A late night visitor she came to admire was in conversation with her of simple things, trading stories of scary and loving things. He feared he was a beast and she a calculated prey. She was the animal, devouring him. In the dark, she let him know she loved him.


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