Blase Emiliani

Her father, at the time of about her tenth year, had been desiring a path of salvation from the bondage of his circumstance. It was in a village that he came across a teacher speaking of redemption for man. Her father rubbed his shaking fingers together and asked, “Teacher may I stay and learn?”

There were several among the group and Blase, her father and three sisters did their share to learn and support one another. One evening, Blase was hiding and listening to the evening sermon. The teacher was speaking of woman becoming man and she heard her father interrupting the teacher. The teacher chided him asking, “what man can question the teacher when the man has not ever made a son?”

The next morning Blase awoke to her father’s sobbing voice, “Because I am weak not able to make a son you must do this for me. And I do this for you, for your salvation.” He wrapped her torso tight with stiff strips of linen.

Every third month, Blase’s father would make cuts into her chest and wrap her tighter than before. For three years he did this. On her thirteenth birthday, over morning coffee, he presented her with an intestinal casing wrapped around a thin gourd and strapped it around her pelvis. The gourd had a tube running through it. One end was inserted into Blase’s urethra. Her father removed her wrapping and walked with the bare chested child with a penis. In front of the teacher’s home, Blase relieved the pressure from her bladder through her new appendage. Her father cried out, “Teacher! Bless my son!”


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