On the Sheets

This is on the sheets nine hours after leaving the ocean. The books had been on loan and after several weeks he had not read any. That her asking for the whole lot back and him giving them back in such a final, fatal manner would lead to the disintegration of that short interval of the get to know you look at me aren’t I adorable crap people pull on each other would end up in a room by his wife was hardly in evidence as the two headed out on a speakless drive. No, that was not a healthy relationship and soon enough they would let go without want. It turns out that the night of their breakup was probably their best night. The ocean sensation is there while laying in the hotel bed because it is new. The unremarkably dry air of the desert seems unreal as condensation beads on the skin. He rolls over to kiss his sleeping wife because she had been with him there and thought still of more new things to share.


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