The Coyote and the Black Hair Baby with a Cricket in Each Palm: a Creation Myth

“Daniel!” His skull sprouting a snout and course hairs. “Daniel!” He spread His arms out as wings and claws grew from the ends of His fingers. The feeling of flight was tingling throughout His body. There was no answer as He continued to growl out that painful cry. “Daniel!” Two coyotes ran in carrying each a baby in their teeth and a little blood was spilled. Snot flung from His nostrils. The babies were covered in black hair and held crickets in their palms. His head had an ache and He crushed one coyote and bit through its ribs. That baby landed in a pool of fast flowing blood and was drenched in it. All red. The baby, now forming a woman, grew tall. She released her crickets and they rubbed their legs speaking something like song but nobody understood. She sent the other of her pair out into the hearts of a woman and a man and the coyote and black haired baby with crickets in her palms harmonized while gaiting through the sand. She became a woman, growing tall over time.


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