Slim Tee Fat Calf

Slim tee fat calf struts her stuff in second hand heels throwing signs of love at the fuckhead inmates in county (like nobody saw this story coming). Her mother is too young. Once when the kid was in first grade her mother met her teacher. Once. Anyway, the sets of possible outcomes where weighted heavily toward this day when this silly chick’s dumb love for a cholo goof would set another generation off on a high hell waste of life adventure.

The guy talked a lot of smack about respect and taking care of his shit and how he’s going to get his. He has kids with different chicks who roll easy for the gang. He eats fast food and Chico’s all the time. His mother says, “Oh, he loves his kids so much. He’s a good papi.”

In twenty-eight minutes, these two in young lust are going to do sex stink style because neither know the first thing about hygiene.


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