Traveler Becomes Settler

Traveler becomes settler becomes the foundation of town out at a distance people choose and forget to not visit often. Stories spread amongst the citizens of strange sounds at night out in the field, on the roofs, or around the corners. Herders and harvesters, both afflicted by some being destroying their property. Accusations fly, fistfights stir the locals when drunk, only to stop when the sun begins to set on this far away old settlement, their ears overtaking the lost sense of sight, listening for howls and footsteps, rustling grass, flocks agitated by fear.

Amongst the people are a woman who serves fresh meat, a child into mischief game, brothers in the wood, a wife with a mean old husband, a schoolteacher who is gentle when at play with the children at the schoolhouse. He is a quiet boarder and gameful with the women often home alone.

The weeks passed until the eventual loss of human life stoked the last flame of tempers of the local parishioners, arming themselves to avenge the kill. They raped and burned the woman with stores of meat. They tied the mischievous child to a plank and set him in a river. The brothers in the wood were chopped by their own axes. They beat the beaten wife of the mean old man for secrets she kept and shot the man in the head. She drowned in the pool of his blood. The schoolteacher hearing all the fuss was quick to mount his horse to flee past the riot.

Night in this small town went silent as the sun came over trees. Some folks vowed to hunt the teacher down. Others were ashamed of their savagery. One elder kept a look costumed from guilt, not saying a word nor prayer for any soul.


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